Minggu, 08 Juli 2012


by pipit

How do you feel if you see a beautiful flowers blooming in the garden? You must feel happy, isn’t? Did you know that flowers live happily because of the happiness seed that given by the flower fairies? And of course because of a good treatment from the people. But, where is the fairies now?

Once upon a time, when the people still have a concerning to the environs, the flower fairies with a gracefully looks dancing in the garden. All of the flower fairies are living in the secret meadow with named Flowery. Every morning they’re going from that meadow with a bag of the happiness seed to the flowers. They’re not afraid and hiding when see the people. They will be smiling and say “hi” to all of the people whoever they see, so do that people.

Rosely is the one of the flower fairies. She’s having a job to give a happiness seed to the rose. Today, after clean up her little house, she’s flying beautifully to the rose garden at the town. At there she’s meet Loli, the girl who loves flower.

“Hi Loli” Rosely’s greeting friendly.

“Hi” Loli answered it with a friendly smile.

“These flowers looks so beautiful” said Loli

“Thats because they’re happy” said Rosely while sowing the happiness seed.

“I suppose that the flowers in my garden looks like it”said Loli wistfully.

Then Loli told to Rosely that the rose at her garden grow up happily but looks not good. Rosely feel sad to hear that. She’s promise to Loli that she will come to her garden every morning and help out Loli to taking care of her roses so that roses looks fresh again.

Thenceforth Rosely looks so busy to give the happiness seed to the bunch of roses at the town and the garden in front of Loli’s house. At first, Loli participating Rosely to taking care that roses, but slowly Loli looks so busy and forget her compulsory to taking care it. Neither Loli, all of the people at that town looks like lose their concerning to the flowers and plants around them. They are pull out the flowers and contaminate the garden enjoyable. They are didn’t care about the happiness of the flowers and plants. They are think that the flower fairies is still enough to restore the life and happiness of the flowers and plants.

Rosely and the others feel so sad. They’re cried and began to hiding themself from people.  They want the people to understand that the flowers feels happy not just because of  the happiness seed but also because of the corcening for human beings. That is the reason why we never see the flower fairies with a bag of their happiness seed now.

Even so they still alive in a secret meadow. They are also still have the concerned to the flowers and plants around us. They are sowing the happiness seed by hiding themself behind the wings of bees and butterflies. If we want to see them again, we must throw away our selfishness.

- cerpen disemester 2 untuk tugas bahasa Inggris, ditulis buru - buru jadi alurnya terlalu cepat -

- Regards Pipit, menulis dan menggambar karena cinta -

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  1. tentang peri bunga, dan kepedulian loly yang ingin melihat bunga-bunga di taman tetap bahagia. tapi sayangnya keinginan itu hanya sesaat seperti halnya manusia yang udah jarang memperhatikan lingkungan. terutama tanaman..

    siiip pesannya nyampe,,


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