Kamis, 07 Juli 2011

JULY GIVEAWAY [ideku handmade]

When I read this giveaway post, I think I should try to join it cause there are some cute stuff as the prize and I hope that I can get 1 of that, hohhoho

And u sunny shine or whoever read my post, should accompy this giveaway. Its easy to follow the instruction :

1. Follow Ideku Handmade's blog and add Warna Warni Hairbow's Facebook as a friend

I've follow Ideku Handmade's blog , add and become a friend of Warna Warni Haribow's Facebook :

2. Tell me your wishes for Girls Day Out and what do you want to make, so that we can become better.

My wishes for Girls Day out is I hope that Girls Day Out  can often held in Bandung, so I can join it 'cause I like everything about crafts.

- I wanna make some girly pin for Hijaber so they're became more fashionable

- Useful handbag for the girls who are busy to work or do something  so they're not get trouble to bring anything that they want, just like make-up, books, etc

3. Put our "July Giveaway" button on your sidebar (look at the bottom of this post)

I've do that ----->

4. Repost about this giveaway on your blog or twitter or facebook or anything and don't forget to mention us
5. You have time until July 15 , 2011

You can see the complete information from July giveaway [ideku handmade]

- Regrads Pipit -

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